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"I came to the Practitioner of Energetic Arts training when I realized that I was here to heal myself, but just how deep and profound the healing would be, I did not know.

Quite literally my whole life has shifted. I recovered memories from my past, my perspective of my story has shifted. I have released what no longer serves me and been filled with love and light. My business has grown, I own a new perfect home, my closest relationships have evolved and I have found my best friend. Most important, I have recognized that I am the woman I've always wanted to be: centered, connected, strong, intuitive, radiant and beautiful.

Mary has been such gift to me. Her facilitation has been flawless. The space she holds allowed each of us to step deeper into our centers, creating a sacred bond of support that is safe, nurturing and whole. Mary is a magnificent gift and I honor her."

~ Bree Schenkel
~ Instructor, PILATESPA
~ Principal Dancer, Kanopy Dance Company
~ Madison, WI

"The Practitioner of Energetic Arts Program has changed my life. The confidence and knowledge I have gained exceeded my expectations. Mary is a top rate teacher and the support and energy that she brings to each class is inspirational. She taught me that if I transform within then I can make an impact on the world as I know it. I am very grateful to Mary as I continue with my journey."

~ Cheryl Kelley
~ Madison, WI

"The Practitioner of Energetic Arts Program was absolutely amazing and right on with what I was hoping to accomplish. WOW. I cannot find words to explain the shift in consciousness and perception I have attained. It's like I've entered a whole new dimension.

Mary holds such a powerful, powerful space -- full of love, light and empowerment. She brings in such wisdom and knowledge from all her years of learning and training and experience. The more I get to know her, the more I am utterly amazed at all that she is. Thank you so much, Mary, for sharing who you are and giving me the opportunity to transform my life."

~ Tara Dalka
~ United States of America Snowboard Association Medalist
~ Reiki Master
~ Advanced EMF Balancing Practitioner

"Mary is a leading edge practitioner and a great teacher who fosters a sense of comfort, security and approachability in her classes. She takes the time to make sure that I "get" the material presented, and makes herself available to answer questions that come up, whether directly or indirectly related to the class material. I leave class feeling comfortable with what I learned, and excited to use in my own practice. I highly recommend Mary's classes."

~ Candace Rabe
~ R.N., Dean Care
~ Madison, WI

"Mary's meditations are exceptional. Mary's voice is clear, soothing, encouraging and powerful. They are of great value in one's meditation practice and in expanding the positive energy in our lives."

~ Amy Jonasson
~ Senior Development Coordinator, University of Wisconsin Foundation
~ Madison, WI

"Clear, focused and finely tuned. Mary is a healer's healer and a teacher's teacher. She is exceptional at what she does."

~ Amy Wood
~ Psychologist and Author of Life Your Way: Refresh Your Approach to Success
~ and Breathe Easier in a Fast-paced World
~ Portland, OR

"Mary's insight and skills have benefited me several times over the last few years. Recently I contacted her again when I received a cancer diagnosis. Immediately, Mary worked with me on a plan for energy work around the diagnosis and developed personal guided imagery tapes for me to listen to during surgery and chemotherapy.

Mary's intuition allowed her to work with me in precise and insightful ways that felt both loving and healing. The result has been chemotherapy with few side effects and a high likelihood of cure. Mary is a very skillful healer. "

~ B.H.

"Mary is amazing. I had such a wonderful experience in her classes. Mary radiates love and is passionate about her work, and that enthusiasm transfers in her teachings and to her students. There are not enough words to describe how much I enjoyed Mary as an instructor and as a person, or how much I was able to gain from her and the classes. I would recommend Mary to anyone — no matter what level you are on in your spiritual journey."

~ Natascha Malkemes
~ Reiki Master
~ Milwaukee, WI

"Mary's Reiki class was the most amazing experience of my entire life. I started as a complete beginner — with no experience at all — and moved through Level 2 in one weekend with complete success. It's a life-altering experience. I now hold the power of the universe in my hands. Once you experience that, you will never look at the world — your fellow human beings, animals, plants — all of nature — the same way again. You can see, hear and feel the connection that binds us together. It's a gift like no other that will leave you in awe. I feel blessed to be part of it, and I can't thank you enough, Mary, for showing me the way."

~ Amy J. Pikalek
~ Director of Communications and Marketing
~ University of Wisconsin-Extension, Madison

"When I signed up for Reiki I & II, I didn't know much about what Reiki entailed, or how or if I would use it. I only knew that the two days of classes presented an opportunity to expand my personal spiritual development. Ultimately it did that — and so much more. Mary is a loving and attuned teacher who creates a clear space for learning, growing, and connecting. She is also highly skilled and knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience, all of which I was enriched by as her student. By the end of the first day of Reiki I, I had more than I had expected from both days of class — besides having the deeper spiritual connection I had originally sought, I had the bonus of demonstrable ability to use Reiki on myself and others as a healing tool. By the end of the second day and completion of the Reiki II class, I felt like I had blasted into the spiritual stratosphere. Those of us who had shared the class formed a deep bond, we were using Reiki in ways far more advanced than any of us had expected or even hoped for, and we were left with a sense of both great achievement and greater potential waiting for us to go forth and fulfill. "

~ Liz Zélandais
~ Madison, WI

"Whether it's training, a personal session or a workshop, her enthusiasm, love and tremendous knowledge is apparent. Everything I've attended became a wonderful and exciting experience for me. The only thing I'd like to change is the distance between us!"

~ Colleen Shannon
~ Reiki Master & EMF Balancing Technique® Practitioner
~ Elmhurst, IL

"This class helped my to experience happiness, clarity and a refreshing outlook. It's as if the fog I was living in and reacting to life through lifted. I achieved the goals I set for myself of a less stressful job and a financial plan. It was a wonderful experience and I didn't want it to end."

~ Patti Meyer
~ Madison, WI

"I have attended many spiritual workshops and classes and Mary's Body in Evolution: The Electromagnetics of the Angels proved to be at the top of the list. Mary has a special gift for taking you to higher consciousness with joy and ease."

~ Dana Ripp
~ President, DRE Media LTD, and mother of three

"Mary works a magic that must be experienced firsthand. She has a knack for presenting sophisticated concepts clearly and then taking that foundation to a new, cosmic level of understanding and synthesis. From studying Reiki under her, to private sessions, to participating in many meaningful and memorable workshops, I just keep coming back! I am grateful for the opportunity I've had under her wing to expand my inner horizons, while being of service to the greater good."

~ Laurie Mullen
~ Founder, Turn Around Teen
~ Madison, WI

"The Self-Actualization class helped me focus on what I needed to do to build my business and stronger personal relationships. During the course of this class I increased my sales by more than 20%, changed the company website, joined a gym and lost five pounds. I learned to open myself to the universe and all it had to offer."

~ Rob Wangard
~ Owner, Cartridge Savers
~ Madison, WI

"Mary is a master at guiding me into my Core and helping me to access my own wisdom. I feel so much more at peace with myself and trusting of my abilities and vision. My work with Mary helped me to understand how my business is a reflection of my own energy and 'what I put out there.' Since I started working with her, my business revenue has increased by more than 20% — and during a time that everyone else was calling a recession. I recommend her highly."

~ Yvette Frasier
~ Owner, Cameo Spa Salon
~ Madison, WI

"During the course of the Self-Actualization Class I created business materials for my new business, wrote 60% of my dissertation pages, increased my physical activity, created a major decluttering of my home and experienced a lightness of being that has made the space for new opportunities to come. I'm more at peace with myself and much more centered."

~ M.H.
~ Madison, WI

"Mary's expertise and support have proved invaluable in helping me clear my own path and create the life I've wanted. Through work with Mary, I am developing my own plan to help others find their happiness and grow their lives. She is a joy to work with, and I cannot say enough about her."

~ Dana Zurbuchen
~ President, Media Plus, LLC
~ Verona, WI

"Awesome classes. Fantastic sessions. Everything that Mary has taught me guided me in making positive changes in my life. She is an incredible teacher who is fun and extremely knowledgeable. I have successfully used her CDs for meditation, stress reduction and healing myself, family and friends. Mary's voice, intuitive feeling and timing make her CDs some of the best on the market."

~ Jane M.
~ 4th Grade Teacher

"I have been a client and student of Mary's for over 6 years. I first met Mary at one of her Thursday Meditation gatherings and quickly learned of all the wonderful facets to her that make her unique. Upon meeting her for the first time she is immediately open and inviting and gives off a level of comfort that I can only describe as a feeling of being home. Her warm smile and infectious laugh have kept me afloat on many occasions when I needed some guidance and direction. I have used Mary's services as a working mother and wife needing support through a difficult period in my marriage, and as a professional businesswoman navigating the waters of the business world. Her spiritual guidance is unparalleled in my book. She has a mix of intuition, common sense, laughter and a force of energy. She helps me tap into my own inner vision to magnify what I want in my world. She has helped me see past the crap that clutters my life at times and illuminates the vision by accentuating and tapping into universal energy in a most unique way that can only be defined as "signature Mary." I just love her. Her only agenda is to help you find yours. It's that simple."

~ Pam Vidar
~ Operations Manager, Cameo Spa Salon
~ Madison, WI

"Mary is such an inspiration to me, and I'm so glad and appreciative to know her. She is a generous teacher and healer who lives what she teaches. She intuitively knows how far to push me to make me grow, but not so much as to overwhelm me. She didn't give up on me when I gave up on myself, and her support and encouragement have helped me expand and grow into a life I couldn't see when I started working with her. Her meditations are extraordinary and her CDs are in my "survival toolbox." All I have to do is put in a disc, and her soothing voice guides me though any storm going on around, or in, my life. Mary is truly a human angel, and I adore her!"

~ Melanie Hoftyzer
~ University of Wisconsin PhD candidate

"Mary is a master at guiding one to hear their own inner wisdom and to manifest joy and abundance. I love Mary's teaching style... she is real and knows how to laugh and create a space of comfort and safety for her students.

Mary's meditation CDs are an amazing way to start out the day filled with joy, healing, and peace with her soothing voice to guide me.

I cannot think of Mary without a huge smile on my face. She is such a bright light for so many people.

With Mary's guidance I was able to make a huge shift in my path by completely changing careers... with a lot less fear. Mary helped me to see and hear my own inner wisdom and to trust it. I am forever grateful."

~ Karen Braun
~ Owner, Anna Cara School of Equine Massage
~ Merrimac, WI

"Mary's Magnificent Meditations® series has been an invaluable tool. The recordings helped me to focus and channel my creativity to manifest the goals I've dreamed of both in the work place and my personal life. Her CD's are like a five-star spa for your insides!"

~ Jeff Fisher
~ Writer, Producer, Director, The Simple Life
~ Hollywood, CA

"Mary's magical voice guides you on a quiet journey of self discovery and deepens your connection to all of life. Mary's meditation CD's have helped me expand and deepen the way I experience my daily life. I am much more centered and aware. I found Mary's tools very helpful in deepening my connection to my inner self as well as expanding my connection to all of life. Mary's workshops are amazing! I feel calm but energized at the same time. Mary will help you create the life you desire."

~ Marybeth Wilk
~ Senior Social Worker, Dane County Department of Human Services

"I came to Mary to work through some parts of my life that were stuck, and the results were much better than I could have ever imagined! Her classes have been phenomenal. I have progressed further in my spiritual journey in the past two years than I had in an entire lifetime."

~ Kate Brophy
~ Community Pharmacy
~ Madison, WI

"Mary Preuss holds space for deep healing. The moment I met her I felt completely comfortable, safe, and knew she was there for me. I recommend her to everyone."

~ Asia Voight
~ Professional Animal Communicator
~ Stoughton, WI

"I've known and believed for many years that "I create my reality." I have studied books, listened to tapes, and gone to numerous workshops to assist me in creating the most positive reality possible. However, I found in Mary's Joyful Living Series the most straightforward and practical means by which I can do this."

~ Candace Sovinsky
~ Madison, WI

"The Joyful Living Series is the best investment, both spiritually and financially, that I've ever made. I was honored to participate in the series and highly recommend it."

~ Jane Thomas
~ Prince Edward Island, Canada

"The Joyful Living Series is wonderfully revolutionary. Mary is a clear, joyful teacher and facilitator."

~ Richard Johnson
~ Madison, WI

"The first miracle that happened for me as a result of the Joyful Living Series is that I am pregnant after 13 years of marriage! After learning more and getting a deeper understanding of these principles and techniques, I had another life changing effect after the second class. I went home excited and shared the information with my husband, who was is in the process of looking for a job and feeling pretty bad about how things were going. Together we went over the tools I learned and applied them. Within two weeks, he had the job of his dreams — everything he wanted and more! Now we both definitely know this theory and practice are true and effective."

~ Bridget Magee
~ Madison, WI

"Mary has a unique approach that interweaves many disciplines. In 1993 I was involved in an auto accident that resulted in constant pain, post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. After years of extensive treatment by both traditional medicine and many alternative healing approaches, I was in despair of ever recovering and even considered ending my life. I was in pretty rough shape when I came to Mary. Her approach is direct and simple, yet for me has resulted in profound and lasting healing, both physically and emotionally. Mary has opened the door on my path to the wonderful, joyful realization of my True Self. I know of no greater benefit and for this I feel the deepest gratitude. Regardless of the nature of one's search for healing or personal growth, I recommend Mary with all my heart."

~ Elizabeth S.

"Mary has assisted me in finding myself again. I have regained my ability to be free and flowing. Thank you miraculous Mary!"

~ Sara Leverson
~ Madison, WI

"I met Mary when I first moved to Madison, WI and started my residency program. I had just finished a really nasty break up and had no friends. I was originally from Texas and feeling very lost. I decided to partake of the UW mini courses. Mary was teaching a class about centering your energy and becoming more positive. I signed up for an evening class and really enjoyed her class. After class was over, I went up to Mary and asked if she did individual work. She said yes and I began seeing her in private practice. Right away the energy work I did with her was amazing. My body responded both physically and mentally. She was able to make me feel very relaxed and comfortable, challenged me with new perspectives, and was extremely knowledgeable. I was a doctor in training at the time and as a woman physician sometimes it can be tough working in a male dominated profession. She helped me with multiple issues both in my training and personally. I have since moved back to Texas because of family reasons but the three years I spent seeing Mary were the most positive and most influential time in my life. I fly back to visit friends in Madison and when I do so I try to always have an appointment time with her. I only wish I could talk her into moving to Texas as I found her body of work much more helpful than any counseling or talk therapy I have ever done."

~ Karen M. Perl, DO
~ Texas Nonsurgical Orthopedic & Spine Center

"Mary Preuss is a gifted and talented guide. She escorts you through your inner truths, allowing them to surface, carefully navigating you to your own right decisions and right paths.

As someone who has explored many methodologies, my experience with Mary has proven to be the most powerful and useful.

Mary has an extraordinary gift with her process and abilities to guide you to your own inner "GPS." The powerful yet gentle and humane process Mary used with me allowed me to access insights and images that are guiding me to my true life experience. I find Mary's abilities more powerful and useful than any process I have experienced in more than a decade. The Creative Mastery CD she created, based on my needs and process, is a touchstone in my life."

~ Jill McDermott
~ Director of Organizational Development, Thompson-Reuters

"Wow, what can I say? Things have been incredible with me. I've listened each day to the Abundance and Prosperity CD — it's a winner! I've had some fantastic things happening the last few days as far as success is concerned in business, family and horses, just great. I've had an overall feeling of lightness and an "I can do anything" mentality."

~ Anke Johnson
~ Natural Solutions by Anke

"For many years I have been interested in taking Reiki classes. I read all the books and websites of different teachers. I wanted my experience to be with the right teacher, the right lineage. Mary is beyond anything I had hoped for. The joy she showed, sharing our experience, was carried over with the group. I found much more than I ever expected in Mary's classes. Through her guided meditation, I felt one step ahead of her in what I was experiencing, as if she was just helping unfold what was already there to be accessed through the proper preparation from her. Her extensive knowledge in so many areas with her scientific but natural information about Reiki that went beyond words. When I walked in from the start I knew this was the place I would find my answers."

~ Barb Riffle

"Mary is magnificent! She is open to helping out with whatever might come up, and has a totally unique and effective approach for solving problems — or rather, highlighting solutions. She has given me a big nudge upon my path, understanding where I'm coming from and where I want to go. Plus, her special CDs let you take her home with you and encourage daily practice of all the wonderful things she teaches during sessions/classes. Highly recommended for anyone and everyone, especially if you're looking for something new and wonderful."

~ A. L.
~ Musician, Singer, Songwriter

What retailers say about Mary's CDs:

"Mary, I sold one of your CDs to a customer and she called the next day to say how much she loved it and was going to recommend it. Kudos to you Mary as that hardly ever happens that a customer calls to say how much they appreciated something."

~ Cecilia Farren
~ Proprietor, North Earth
~ Spring Green, WI
715 Hill St., Suite 270, Madison, WI 53705
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