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Amethyst BioMat
Heal, Relax and Rejuvenate with the Amethyst BioMat™

Quantum Healing Energetics

I've been using the BioMat in my healing sessions with my clients for a few years now. The BioMat uses Far-infrared Heat, Negative Ions and Amethyst Crystals for deep healing and cellular regeneration. My clients love their healing sessions on the BioMat!

Long-wave Infrared Light penetrates six inches into the body to eliminate toxins from the muscles, cells, blood vessels and lymph glands. It stimulates circulation, eliminates fatigue, relieves pain and improves metabolism.

Amethyst is known for its ability to balance and align energy, relieve bone and joint-related problems, aid digestion, balance blood sugar and calm the central nervous system.

Negative Ions change acidic environments to alkaline, improve immune function, purify blood, revitalize cell metabolism, increase liver function and relieve tension.

The BioMat delivers the highest vibrational resonance deep into all tissues of the human body. This triad of healing technologies opens the channels for intelligent cellular communication leading to DNA repair and total body wellness.

If you are experiencing anything ranging from back or neck pain, joint stiffness, neuralgia, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, fibromialgia and restless leg syndrome to high blood pressure, anemia, allergies, arthritis and digestive disorders — the BioMat can provide lasting relief.

Are you a healer? I recommend the BioMat to massage therapists, acupuncturists, Reiki and EMF Balancing Practitioners, and any other healer or body worker who want to add a leading edge technology to their sessions. In essence, the BioMat helps make your job easier!

Do you want to take care of your own health? Having a BioMat in your own home for personal use is one of the best ways to create and maintain your health. I know that spending time on my BioMat has helped me to sustain my own vitality. I can feel the tension and stress melting away, aches and pains disappearing, and my body realigning and adjusting itself. I just sink into the comfort and deep relaxation, content with the knowing that in this moment I am literally creating my health.

If you want to take your BioMat sessions to even deeper levels of healing and transformation, listen to one of my guided meditation CDs while on the mat. Unparalleled self-care!

"I've been using the Amethyst BioMat for three months now and am finding that my body is healthier mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. One of the key components to this transformation is listening to one of Mary's meditation CDs while I'm on the mat. I feel better than I have in decades. Thank you so much Mary for your CDs!" ~ Marcia Brandt, retired massage therapist, Anamosa, Iowa

Please contact Mary to order. She can fill out the registration form and take the payment, and it will be shipped directly by UPS to your address.

You may purchase this as a consumer only or, if you want to start this as a business, you may also purchase the distributor kit at the time of order or later. Mary is available to help if you decide to venture into the business.

Below are the insurance codes for the Amethyst BioMat if you have special insurance that will cover this durable medical equipment device. Typically Auto, PIP, Workers Comp, and Flexible Medical Spending Accounts do cover this.

CPT Code 22852-8

amethystHCPCS Code E0221


  • Massage-table size (73' x 28' x 1')
  • Easily portable plus 100% cotton quilted cover
  • Wheeled travel bag with telescoping handle
  • $100 professional discount

  • Absolutely essential for Quantum Healing
  • Ergonomic design plus wrap-around crystals carry BioMat Energetics deep into cerebral spinal column and brainstem. Simultaneously keeps head cool while body gets hot — an important Ayurvedic health concept.

PROFESSIONAL BIOMAT SET (without $100 prof. discount): $1700

  • Amethyst King: $3840
  • Amethyst Queen: $3200
  • Amethyst Single: $2400
  • Amethyst Mini: $550

Multi-purpose unit is great for travel, medi-spa, office chairs, dental offices, and also for pets (32" x 20").


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