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Mary's Magnificent Meditations

Mary's Magnificent Meditations are far more than simple guided imagery.

These meditations combine Mary's 17 years of training and personal experience in deliberate creation technologies and energetic alignment practices, her unique ability to channel the higher wisdom that works through her, and a voice that is both commanding and relaxing at the same time.

She seamlessly weaves together ancient wisdom practices with today's most recent findings in neuroscience to create an unparalleled mind-body-spirit experience, and giving you what you need to let go, receive, heal, balance, allow and create.

They provide direct divine experience.

Neuroscience shows us that when we meditate — intentionally running specific scenarios through our frontal lobe — we assemble new neural nets to fire in different sequences, combinations and patterns, thus creating a new level of mind. The repetitive firing and wiring of these new neural networks makes stronger, more lasting synaptic connections that literally create the new experience

CDs are $20 each, plus $3 S/H. Each CD may also be purchased for $18 as a digital download in MP3 format.

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Clarify Create Receive

Clarify Create Receive - Mary Preuss OlsonClients asked me to create a CD that has a track of me "just talking" — that incorporates some of the concepts that I teach along with messages of inspiration and encouragement, and gentle reminders of how to stay present and on track.  

Track 1 is Good Morning, a guided meditation to start your day off feeling great. In this meditation you connect to Source, ground and stabilize your energy system, feel your power and pre-pave your day to receive blessings, fulfillment and joy. You will strengthen positive feeling states with your Inner Being that serve as the vibrational basis for your day.

Let It In, on track 2, is a conscious meditative message that interweaves energetic principles, intention, positive focusing and breath to help you achieve vibrational harmony.

You can listen to this track in your car, doing the dishes, or with headphones, singly focused. It's designed to allow the information and ideas to gently align themselves within you, strengthening your resolve and focus. It's a new and different way to work with meditation and information and I'm excited about the possibilities of it.

How you go to bed is how you wake up. Good Night, on track 3, is a deep, focusing meditation to let go of your day, release your responsibilities to the Universe, reclaim your energy from where you've lost it, receive healing, and pre-pave your dream state for support and guidance. It gently directs you into deep relaxation, surrender and sleep.


Staying In The Flow

Staying in the Flow - Mary Preuss OlsonThis is a wonderful collection of meditations and energy exercises to find overall balance and well-being.

1. The Daily Tune-up 20:02

Release unwanted energies; bring in peace, clarity and wisdom; merge with your Inner Being; quiet your mind and emotions; balance and harmonize your chakras and set your intent for the day.

2. The Spiral Sweep 20:45

Direct golden energy through your skeletal system; energize and evolve your brain; stimulate the hormonal secretions of your endocrine glands to evolve your biology and intensify the expression of your electrical-spiritual self.

3. Gold and Silver 15:27

Work with your breath, pineal gland, brain and spinal column to balance and evolve the solar and lunar pathways of your body.

4. Staying in the Flow 13:58

Ground and stabilize your energy and open to your higher wisdom; elevate and harmonize your body and energy field with pranic tube breathing and unconditional love.


Cultivating Joy

Cultivating Joy - Mary Preuss OlsonTo live a happy, healthy, productive life it is essential not only to be able to stabilize yourself during these turbulent times, but also to be able to generate higher emotional/vibrational states so that you are less influenced by other people or any chaos going on around you or in the world.

These meditations help you to consciously create higher vibrational states so that you can elevate your vibration at will. As I tell my clients, self-care and self-responsibility are no longer just good ideas. They are a necessity for life on planet earth in the 21 st century!

1. From the Heart 17:30

Work with the energy of gratitude and the wisdom of your heart to elevate, expand and stabilize yourself physically and energetically. Move into states of spaciousness and coherence to experience greatly expanded states of awareness.

2. The Path to Ecstasy 14:30

Work with "the secret channel," to move specific energies up through your spine into your crown chakra. Employ the inner technologies of emotion and sacred geometry to move up the vibrational scale and expand your consciousness.

3. A Lattice of Gratitude 19:45

Activate the posture of Core Energy, the "Now" and your largest primary open circuit to the Cosmic Lattice. Work with the circuitry of your Universal Calibration Lattice to infuse your potential with joy.

4. Flowing Source 13:50

Balance and elevate your chakras with breath and color; open to receive many high frequencies of light and energy that will help you increase your ability to receive the abundance of the universe.


Relaxation & Renewal

Relaxation & Renewal - Mary Preuss OlsonSometimes life can be too much. These journeys are designed to help you know that you're not alone, you are important, and no matter what is going on in your life, there's a feeling of well-being that is waiting for you, always there for you, that loves you. These journeys will connect you with that feeling.

1. Just for You 7:54

When you need to hear something positive and uplifting. Encouraging affirmations to remind you that you are important!

2. Let it Go 16:22

Release any thoughts, feelings or energy that you don't want and fill yourself with fresh, clear energy. Go on a journey with a special guide who will share something important with you.

3. Meeting Your Power Animal 15:14

Meet your power animal, a wise guide who will offer assistance, support, and a special gift to help you in your life.

4. Time to Relax 34:26

Release stress, calm your mind and emotions, and let yourself fully relax. Experience deep rejuvenation as you allow your inner resources to fully nourish and tend to you. The perfect way to fall asleep.


Health & Vitality

Health & Vitality - Mary Preuss OlsonThese meditations help you to balance and heal yourself physically. I have had many clients listen to this CD during surgery, chemotherapy or MRIs to provide a healing focus, and thus allow the body to more easily integrate and benefit from the experience.

1. I am the Power of the Sun 14:40

An ancient Egyptian healing technique that utilizes the power of your solar plexus center ("the big motor") to energize and balance your internal organs and systems.

2. Creating a Healthy Body 21:15

Restructure your body at the cellular level. Using intention, visualization and feeling, work with your DNA — the "instruction set" for your biology — to create a new vibrational code for your body.

3. Evolving Your Endocrine System 20:22

A potent alchemical practice to energize your sexual glands, adrenals, pancreas, thymus, thyroid, pineal and pituitary glands. The endocrine glands have been called the "keys to higher consciousness."

4. Charging Your Energy Field with Light 17:55

Blend with your Inner Being, harmonize your chakras, and work with the gridwork of light that surrounds your body to bring healing energy and flow to any place that is out of balance.


Prosperity & Abundance

Prosperity & Abundance - Mary Preuss OlsonSuccessful creation is fundamentally about energy alignment, and then taking inspired action from that place of alignment. These meditations will help you to clear any clutter or static in your energy field so that you create from a clear, connected and empowered place. You may find that the most effective way to use this CD is use the accompanying Daily Creation Journal to first write down and clarify for yourself what you desire in the different areas of your life. Once you've done that, listen to the tracks in order, one each day, and then repeat. If you do this for a minimum of 21 days in a row, I think you'll be quite pleased with what you see happening!

Another helpful thing to remember is that when you do these meditations you are planting seeds, seeds that will sprout in the best way possible for you. And the best way to cultivate the seeds that you plant is to take really good care of yourself — throughout the day, watch your thoughts, and manage your focus so that you are to the best of your ability, staying in the receiving mode. Feeling good is the most important part of all of this — when you feel good, you attract good things.

1. Intro /Philosophy 2:15

2. Directing the Adamantine Particles 20:37

Connect to earth and heaven, add gold and silver to your chakras and embody your soul to establish your most balanced energetic foundation. Work with your heart to direct the adamantine particles and the "Manager," the Law of Attraction, to propel the energetic blueprint of your desire into existence.

3. The Golden Tray 21:33

Merge with your Source energy, move into the posture of your Core, and activate your highest, most evolved Potential Self. Work with the Angels of Manifestation to make connections on the inner planes to attract the resources and connections you need to birth your desires.

4. Holding the Vision 13:50

Clear out electromagnetic static from your field. Focus pure thought and feeling for 68 seconds, the "combustion point" of thought, to create your finances, relationship, body and something specific to you. Receive your vibrational escrow and merge with your new expanded potential.


"Mary's Magnificent Meditations® series has been an invaluable tool. The recordings helped me to focus and channel my creativity to manifest the goals I've dreamed of both in the work place and my personal life. Her CD's are like a five-star spa for your insides!"

~ Jeff Fisher
~ Director, The Simple Life
~ Hollywood, CA

"Mary's voice, intuitive skill and gifts, and incredible knowledge of human and universal energy fields produce the best guided meditation experience available.

I highly recommend Mary's work to anyone who is seriously interested in leveraging their internal power to create improved circumstances in every area of life."

~ Amy Wood PsyD
~ Success Strategist,
~ Author, Life Your Way
~ Portland, ME

"Wow, what can I say? Things have been incredible with me. I've listened each day to the Abundance and Prosperity CD — it's a winner! I've had some fantastic things happening the last few days as far as success is concerned in business, family and horses, just great. I've had an overall feeling of lightness and an 'I can do anything' mentality."

~ Anke Johnson
~ Natural Solutions by Anke

"Mary's magical voice guides you on a quiet journey of self discovery and deepens your connection to all of life. Mary's meditation CDs have helped me expand and deepen the way I experience my daily life. I am much more centered and aware. I found Mary's tools very helpful in deepening my connection to my inner self as well as expanding my connection to all of life. I feel calm but energized at the same time. Mary will help you create the life you desire."

~ Marybeth Wilk
~ Senior Social Worker,
~ Dane County Department
~ of Human Services

"Awesome classes. Fantastic sessions. Everything that Mary has taught me guided me in making positive changes in my life. She is an incredible teacher who is fun and extremely knowledgeable. I have successfully used her CDs for meditation, stress reduction and healing myself, family and friends. Mary's voice, intuitive feeling and timing make her CDs some of the best on the market."

~ Jane M.
~ 4th Grade Teacher

"Mary is such an inspiration to me, and I'm so glad and appreciative to know her. She is a generous teacher and healer who lives what she teaches. She intuitively knows how far to push me to make me grow, but not so much as to overwhelm me. She didn't give up on me when I gave up on myself, and her support and encouragement have helped me expand and grow into a life I couldn't see when I started working with her. Her meditations are extraordinary and her CDs are in my "survival toolbox." All I have to do is put in a disc, and her soothing voice guides me though any storm going on around, or in, my life. Mary is truly a human angel, and I adore her!"

~ Melanie Hoftyzer
~ University of Wisconsin
~ PhD candidate

"Mary's meditations are exceptional. Mary's voice is clear, soothing, encouraging and powerful. They are of great value in one's meditation practice and in expanding the positive energy in our lives."

~ Amy Jonasson
~ Senior Development
~ Coordinator, University
~ of Wisconsin Foundation
~ Madison, WI

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