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Transformational Reiki Training Program

For Personal and Professional Growth
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Level I  •  Level II  •  Advanced  •  Master Practitioner

The Transformational Reiki Practitioner Training Program is for those interested in developing their skills in energy healing and balancing for personal or professional application. Emphasis is placed on hands-on practice, listening, intuitive development and professional integrity so that each participant feels completely comfortable and confident in their experience.

Mary's Reiki classes provide a strong foundation of science, beginning with an exploration of Newtonian and Cartesian philosophies, quantum mechanics, the electromagnetic spectrum, neuropeptides and emotional storage in the body.

Participants will undergo an in-depth exploration of the energetic nature of our universe and our own physical/energetic selves in order to provide a fuller context in which to explore and practice Reiki.

This program is a Practitioner training only, culminating in the Reiki Master Practitioner level, and does not provide certification to teach Reiki. For more detailed information about this, visit FAQs.

Mary uses her own book, Reiki in Evolution, for this program. Mary has trained hundreds of people, including physicians, animal healers, athletes, nurses, massage therapists, Hospice workers, Shamans, acupuncturists, mothers of special needs children, and a host of other people who want to add it to an existing healing arts practice or just have the best tools available for their own self-care.

Because Mary has significantly updated and expanded the traditional Usui teachings, students must enroll in the whole program. If you are interested in taking responsibility for your own health and life, this Program is highly recommended.

Reiki Level IReiki Level I

10 am-5:30 pm

Learn the fundamentals of energy, the history of the Usual System, and the Reiki Principles and Precepts. Do healing work with your physical, emotional, mental and subtle bodies, and awaken more fully to your purpose in this lifetime. Do a guided meditation to travel through your body and energy field, clear your chakras, and meet the Grand Masters of Reiki who will help you heal something specific in your life, and provide guidance to you for your unique path with Reiki.

Receive your first Initiation, an energetic process that elevates your personal frequency and opens you as a channel to the divine energy known as Reiki.

Learn hand positions, table treatments, self-treatments, the chakra and endocrine systems, the Reiki Code of Ethics, proper posture for table treatments, sweeping, opening and closing your connection, creating ideal environments for your healing work, and maintaining your own center or Core Energy while working with a client.

Protocols for Level I Self-Treatment, Mini Session and Full Table Treatment are provided and practiced. Your Reiki I Initiation begins a 21-day clearing process of the seven major chakras. Reiki I is experiential and you'll discover its many applications to daily life.

Reiki Level IIReiki Level II

10 am-5:30 pm

While Reiki I is about working with what is front of you, in Reiki level II, you will broaden your scope to work with people, places and situations that may or may not be right in front of you.

Learn about the quantum hologram and the universal lattice or matrix that serves as the "distribution system" for the Reiki energy and provides the foundation for distance work. Do a guided meditation to work with sub-personalities and past life patterns that are sabotaging your ability to move forward in some area of your life and connect with a guide who will assist you during your healing work.

Learn how to "scan" the body and energy field, and how to use three of the four traditional Usui symbols: the power symbol, mental and emotional clearing, and the distance/absentee healing symbol. Learn how to use the symbols for distance healing work, table treatments and manifesting personal goals. Learn the ethics of distance energy work, and how to ask "permission" from another person to perform energy work. Protocols for Level II Self Treatment, Mini Session, Distance Session and Table Session are provided and practiced.

Receive your second Initiation, further elevating your personal frequency, and squaring the amount of energy available to you from Level I. Your hands and palms are attuned which creates a quantum leap in awareness and intuitiveness, and your ability to sense energy. This process kick-starts another 21-day clearing of your major-axis chakras.

Reiki AdvancedReiki Advanced

10 am-5:30 pm

This class focuses on developing three distinct areas of your practice:

Self-Awareness: grounding and stabilizing your own energy field, being fully present, listening, personal boundaries, and reclaiming personal power.

Marketing and Business Practices: ethics, "trades," business structure, pricing, advertising, and networking.

Advanced Client Treatment Techniques. Work with the combined flow of consciousness of the Archangels, Reiki and color to address issues such as depression and anxiety. Learn how to tune into and bring balance to specific organs, glands, muscles, and systems of the body. Emphasis is placed on developing intuitive skill and listening. Protocols for Advanced Self-treatment, Mini Session, Distance Session and Table Session are provided and practiced.

Reiki Master PractitionerReiki Master Practitioner

As a Master you are completely opened to the Reiki energy, and the energy which now flows through you is again squared. Do a guided meditation to travel through, heal and evolve your body. Receive a cellular transmission of three attributes of mastery that you choose to embody in your life, your Reiki Master robe, and Crown of Light from the Grand Masters of Reiki.

You will create your own personal Mission Statement and give intent to join your consciousness with the Loving Embodiment of Reiki World Service. You'll learn to work with the Master Symbol, the "mental method," and advanced techniques for clearing organs and chakras.

You begin another 21-day clearing process of the seven major chakras. Protocols for Master Level Self-Treatment, Distance Session, Mini Session and Table Session are provided and practiced. Participants receive a Certificate as a Reiki Master Practitioner in the Usui System of Natural Healing at the completion of this course.


The Reiki Training Program includes all four classes and practicums, book and materials. To register, choose a payment option below.

(1) Full Registration: $925 — save $75 when you pay in full!

(2) Two payments of $500. The first payment is due no later than two weeks before the start of the Program, and second payment is due two weeks before the start of the Advanced Class.

If you would like to pay by check, please mail it along with your registration form, made out to The Magnificent Living Institute to:

Mary Preuss
The Magnificent Living Institute
715 Hill Street, Suite 270
Madison, WI 53705

Early bird payments must be post-marked 15 business days before the class date, but can arrive after that. Spaces are not reserved until checks are received, so if a course has filled by the time the check comes you will be fully refunded. Course information will be emailed to you when your check is received, so please include your email address. Please contact Mary if you have any questions. Thank you!

Download Registration Form (PDF)

"Mary is amazing. I had such a wonderful experience in her classes. Mary radiates love and is passionate about her work, and that enthusiasm transfers in her teachings and to her students. There are not enough words to describe how much I enjoyed Mary as an instructor and as a person, or how much I was able to gain from her and the classes. I would recommend Mary to anyone — no matter what level you are on in your spiritual journey."

~ Natascha Malkemes
~ Reiki Master
~ Milwaukee, WI

"Mary's Reiki class was the most amazing experience of my entire life. I started as a complete beginner — with no experience at all — and moved through Level 2 in one weekend with complete success. It's a life-altering experience. I now hold the power of the universe in my hands. Once you experience that, you will never look at the world — your fellow human beings, animals, plants — all of nature — the same way again. You can see, hear and feel the connection that binds us together. It's a gift like no other that will leave you in awe. I feel blessed to be part of it, and I can't thank you enough, Mary, for showing me the way."

~ Amy J. Pikalek
~ Director of Communications and Marketing
~ University of Wisconsin-Extension, Madison

"When I signed up for Reiki I & II, I didn't know much about what Reiki entailed, or how or if I would use it. I only knew that the two days of classes presented an opportunity to expand my personal spiritual development. Ultimately it did that — and so much more. Mary is a loving and attuned teacher who creates a clear space for learning, growing, and connecting. She is also highly skilled and knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience, all of which I was enriched by as her student. By the end of the first day of Reiki I, I had more than I had expected from both days of class — besides having the deeper spiritual connection I had originally sought, I had the bonus of demonstrable ability to use Reiki on myself and others as a healing tool. By the end of the second day and completion of the Reiki II class, I felt like I had blasted into the spiritual stratosphere. Those of us who had shared the class formed a deep bond, we were using Reiki in ways far more advanced than any of us had expected or even hoped for, and we were left with a sense of both great achievement and greater potential waiting for us to go forth and fulfill."

~ Liz Zélandais
~ Madison, WI

One-on-One Reiki Training Customized to Individual Needs

Do you want to learn Reiki but prefer to do so one-on-one in a highly personalized format? Mary offers special training packages for individuals who are experiencing a personal health crisis, or for healing arts professionals who want to add Reiki into their practice in a specific way.

Individual programs consist of class theory and overview, personal attunement, and specific information and healing from Mary tailored to your unique situation.

Tuition for the Accelerated One-on-One Programs is charged at Mary's normal rate of $125/hour.

715 Hill St., Suite 270, Madison, WI 53705
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