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Transformational Healing & Counseling Sessions

"The issues are in your tissues."

Mary specializes in identifying and transforming the root causes and vibrational patterns that create distress and discomfort; which when not addressed and resolved, become depression or illness.

These are some of the issues people have achieved significant and sustained success with through this work:

~ Life Purpose ~ Relationship Issues ~ Spiritual Awakening and Evolution ~ Illness ~ Life Transitions ~ Fear ~ Anxiety ~ Depression ~ Overwhelm ~ Confusion or Fuzz Brain ~ Lethargy ~ Feeling "Stuck" ~ Years of Therapy but Still not "There" ~ Past-life Patterns ~ High Stress Levels ~ Lack of Focus or Passion -- and a host of other emotional, physical and spiritual concerns.

In these sessions we identify your life priorities and passions, as well as your issues to heal. We uncover what is sabotaging your ability to create what you want, transmute the energy blocks at their source, and release the energetic templates that hold persistent patterns in place. We reconnect you to your Stream of Source, and activate the skills, talents and qualities of being you choose to experience instead.

We address every area of your life that is creating distress for you: your history, relationships, work, physical health, life purpose, finances, friendships, creativity and spiritual practice.

Sessions are a combination of information and guidance to assist you, and energy work to bring you into a state of balance, connection and well-being.

Sometimes you need intellectual information, sometimes emotional or spiritual information. We will talk as much as we need to talk to crystalize your understanding of how you are getting what you are getting. And then we will transform those patterns and ways of being so that you may begin to experience what feels much better for you.

Mary will customize a Daily Practice for you to complement the work you do together in session. Specific energetic practices and protocols, guided meditation CDs, and lifestyle changes will be addressed and recommended as needed.

Blending the best energetic disciplines and modalities, Mary's approach can cut through personal history and "the way it is" quickly and effectively, getting you back on track, in your power and feeling good.

Initial sessions are 75 minutes. After your first session, Mary will discuss with you what she recommends to achieve your goals.

Most clients start with weekly sessions for the first month or so to establish a strong foundation on higher, better-feeling ground. Then we space your sessions out a little further. When you have reached your goals and feel yourself consistently in a better-feeling place, maintenance programs are available as a touchstone to help you stay on track .

Initial Session: 75 minutes/$150

Follow-up sessions: 75 minutes/$150; 60 minutes/$125

Phone Check-Ins: 15 minutes/$35

New Clients: To schedule your Madison office session, please print and fill out the New Client Form and submit. Mary aims to respond to you on the same day with available appointment times, but always within 24 hours. Mary generally books one to two weeks out, with possible emergency appointments available.

Current Clients (those who have seen Mary in the last two years and have a New Client Form on file): Please email or call to schedule.

The Magnificent Voyage of Healing

When you're ready to really look at yourself, to take responsibility for who you are and what has occurred to bring you to this moment -- to understand and transform your personal story -- I am here to help you.

We all have events or circumstances that have created trauma, places where we have shut down, numbed out or receded into the background. Places where we have lost ourselves.

I specialize in taking you on the magnificent voyage within - the voyage to reclaim yourself.

In our work together we will venture inside of you to explore and discover what originating events are creating the crimps in your system. We will bring deep levels of awareness into places that have not experienced your awareness before.

In this process, you encounter spaces, much like little sealed off compartments within yourself, where there is a part of you that has been alone and suffering.

When these parts remain unaddressed and unseen, it creates anxiety and depression. Left unattended for too long, illness can develop.

These events or aspects of yourself are stored in the tissue of your body. Sometimes these are events from earlier in your life, sometimes they are young parts of the self, or ancestral, familial or archetypal parts.

When these parts are truly seen, felt, and reclaimed, they are freed, allowing the block to dissipate and for who you really are to move into this space and inhabit it yourself.

This is deep work -- the work of owning the self, of truly inhabiting the self. While it can at times be challenging or uncomfortable, there is ultimately nothing more rewarding and satisfying. I believe it is what we are all here to do.

I have discovered a means to align myself within a framework of multidimensionality that allows us to more gracefully access these inner portals or compartments of consciousness, to create a safe and sacred vessel for your transformation.

I don't believe in quick fixes or one-size-fits-all approaches or techniques. You are unique. Your life is no one else's, and so the process of addressing your individual constellation of life experience deserves to be equally tendered.

Your body knows. Your soul knows. Let's find out what they want you to know.

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