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Monthly Meditation Group








A Coaching, Creation and Alignment Program to
Bring Your Brilliance into Form

Eternity is in love with the creations of time.
~ William Blake

Who are you? What are you here to express?

Do you have a personal vision you would like to manifest? An artistic expression or business venture to launch or expand? Maybe it's a spiritual or wellness practice you need assistance maintaining or deepening. Your vision may still be taking shape, or you may already be living it in some form.

Inspired by clients wanting to stay on track toward their goals, this signature Coaching and Mentoring program draws from more than 15 years of training and personal experience in diverse modalities of deliberate creation technologies and energetic alignment practices.

Self-Actualization Coaching is designed to support your goals and visions, evolve your consciousness, and cultivate a tremendous sense of inner peace and well-being.

It is a progressive and experiential process in which you will systematically release resistance from your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies, and blend with your broader resources to manifest your vision.

Self-Actualization Coaching will help you to:
  • identify your personal "story" and decide what parts to keep, and what parts to erase or rewrite
  • neutralize charges from your personal history
  • eliminate habitual patterns that keep you on the hamster wheel
  • gain an in-depth and experiential understanding of how to manage your energy system
  • live in the world but not of it
  • transcend your mind and utilize personal thought control
  • develop your true identity
  • cultivate inner authority
  • access multidimensional awareness
  • practice acceptance and non-judgment
  • live with gratitude
  • create energetic alignment
  • experience true freedom
  • live congruently with your own personal values
  • realize your dreams
  • and much more
Mastering these concepts in your daily life will give you to access to the highest levels of your own consciousness, allowing you to flow with the stream of Source more fully than you've ever experienced.

You will have a personal focus and action plan to keep you moving forward and accountable. We will co-create the best possible structure of support for the realization of your intention.

The wizard creates his reality backwards.

What does that mean? It means that successful people identify what it is that they're wanting and align themselves with that state of consciousness. And from that state of alignment, they take inspired action.

We work together to discover what is really important to you.

We identify the goals you have for yourself, your business or your artform.

You align with that vision of yourself and allow it to guide you, inform you, inspire you.

You will be your own wizard.

Getting Started

Once you've decided to begin, you will be sent The Foundation Package. Within this package is your Intentions and Visions Questionnaire.

In this first step you will answer the questions integral to the foundation of your vision:

who are you?


what do you want to manifest?

Spending some time contemplating these questions begins the process of bridging you to your Potential Self.

You will receive a detailed explanation of how we will work together, so that we are completely on the same page with each other, and you know exactly what to expect.

Using your Foundation Package as our launching point, we'll:
  • address your vision, purpose, values, goals and intentions
  • identify your "boulders in the stream," your practiced patterns of thought, beliefs or judgments that keep you "stuck"
  • uncover the physical habits or lifestyle issues that keep you on the hamster wheel or sabotage your ability to create what you want
  • customize our working relationship so that it provides the level of support and structure that is just right for you. This session lasts two hours. The work begins here, and at the end of this session you'll have commitments and action steps to implement
I recommend a commitment of three to six months with this program. This allows for time to integrate new habits, realize goals and implement plans. This time period creates a vessel that allows us to flow through the natural rhythms and cycles of your life. After this, we can continue on a month-to-month basis, if that feels best to you. Most people come to realize that this is a level of support that they want to keep indefinitely. As you realize one set of goals, others come into view. Your desires evolve as you do, and desire and evolution are never-ending — aspects of your eternal nature

Monthly Fees

Fees range from $300 to $800 per month. We will create the ideal structure for you based on what you want.

We also use email to stay in touch with each other through this process.

If you have questions about how this work could benefit you, please contact Mary.

715 Hill St., Suite 270, Madison, WI 53705
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