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Bridging Worlds

As human beings, we are in a unique position: we live simultaneously in the physical world, the world of Newton's laws of physics and gravity, while also living in the quantum world, the world of energy and potential. As such, we need to know how to operate in both.

My approach bridges these worlds, learning how to harness the Law of Attraction and electromagnetics in order to manifest what is wanted in the physical world of form and matter. Together we will access the Gap, or the space in between, where all potential exists ready to move into form. We will play in the realms of both particles and waves.

It doesn't matter what you want to create — a healthy, vital body, a successful business, a loving relationship — the laws of creation are the same for all of them.

The tools I work with are attention, intention, allowing, thought, words, grace, beliefs, emotion and focus. Together we create energy alignment.

All of my work has one goal: to connect you with YOU. Because when you are connected to who you really are, you are successful, happy, healthy, on track and in the Flow, in every area of your life.

I believe that life is supposed to feel good, that we are magnificent creators here to enjoy ourselves. Sometimes the ride becomes bumpy and we forget that. I specialize in helping you get back behind the wheel of your life, feeling good about yourself and moving forward.

I look forward to connecting with you and assisting you. Please contact me if you have any questions.

About Mary

Mary PreussFounder of The Magnificent Living Institute, Mary Preuss is a transformational consultant, author and educator. She has offered personal sessions and trainings in meditation, healing arts, and personal and spiritual development since 1994.

Mary has created more than 20 programs in intuitive development, energy medicine, and personal and spiritual transformation, and has taught extensively through the University of Wisconsin continuing education department. Her recordings include the Magnificent Meditations series, six meditation CDs for creating health, relaxation, joy, prosperity, empowerment and evolution, and The Goddess Energy: Self Love and Creation.

Mary holds certifications as a Reiki Master Teacher, Master in Practice and Certified Teacher of The EMF Balancing Technique®, in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Transpersonal Counseling and has over 20 years of experience working with the human energy field. Her work weaves ancient and esoteric practices of the east with the leading edge perspectives from the west.

Mary's professional background includes ten years in Chicago where she worked in both non-profit and agency settings, including The Lincoln Park Zoological Society as the assistant editor of publications/photographic services manager; and in advertising, and freelance film production.

Mary strives to walk her talk of a daily practice of appreciation, meditation, and the art of allowing, along with a darn good sense of humor.

Mission Statement

Mary Preuss and The Magnificent Living Institute attract those seeking clarity, strategy, focus, evolution, alignment, health, vitality, prosperity, vision, success, inner peace, fulfillment and joy through our processes and programs. The sharing will elevate us all.

My programs, personal sessions and products create the aligned space for the information and direct experience you seek to be delivered to you.

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